Trip to Origin: Costa Rica

Maui Grown Coffee Retail Store, Lahaina HI Maui Grown Coffee Varieties Coffee beans ripening Located on the slopes of the West Maui Mountains is the beautiful 500 acre estate.
James Emma Kimo showing me their unique offering, Maui Mokka. Panorama of the farm
Kimo showing me the wet mill at the processing plant. Mechanized Coffee Picker Taking another look at the Maui Mokka with Kimo & Ci-Ci Green Coffee
On the Big Island, Kona Region, Moki's Farm Kona Typica at Moki's Farm. Up in the mountains above Captain Cook. From the drying patio at Moki's Farm. 2.1 acres and 2000ft elevation with rich volcanic soil. Tall coffee of Kona. Moki's Farm
60 kilo & 12 kilo Diedrich Roasters at Greenwell Farms, Kona. 60 kilo Probat roaster at Maui Oma Coffee Roasters, Kahului Maui 40 kilo Sasa Samiac at Maui Oma Coffee Roasters, Kahului Maui King Kong Burger w/ Maui Onions & Pineapple. Kihei
From bud to flower, to ripening, to ripe, to overripe all in one Bourbon and Guatemala Typica Rain shack at Lorie Obra's farm. (Rusty's Hawaiian) Farm - Rusty's Hawaiian
Lorie showing me the Bourbon coffee at her farm Lorie's sorting basket. Drying Beds, Rusty's Hawaiian Drying Beds, Rusty's Hawaiian
Nice 67 Land Rover